Our Program

The Alabama Youth Sports Alliance (AYSA) is a nonprofit youth sports organization that is under the umbrella of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). While our foundational sport is basketball, we have and will be launching other sports programs. We focus on fundamental skill development and try to provide maximum exposure for those aspiring to reach the next level. Although we do not serve as a recreational program, we do occasionally participate in local recreational leagues.  Some of our coaches offer tryouts but often players are selected from the surrounding area and various school systems. Our coaches and players are certified members of the AAU. The AAU is one of the largest sports organizations in the United States. AYSA strives to provide a platform for players to grow year around by competing at the highest level possible.

Our Philosophy

The Alabama Youth Sports Alliance (AYSA) has been a catalyst in the cultivation of youth in west Alabama for years. The Alabama Youth Sports Alliance takes pride in teaching young men and women valuable life lessons through competition. The goal of our organization is to assist our youth in understanding their importance in our society, while simultaneously giving them a platform to express themselves through sport. The Alabama Youth Sports Alliance expects excellence from all of its members and has fostered an environment predicated on improving their coaches, their players and their community every single day.

Our Motto 

“Molding the lives of youth…one play at a time”


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